Blogging can be useful for many businesses, but it will get more important as traditional SEO becomes less important.*

Publishing good content, especially written content, is critical for your success online.

But how do you get good content on your blog? Who is going to write it?

You’ll need a blogger. You can hire bloggers from “content farms” where you pay so many cents per word, or you can seek out an experienced blogger. An experienced blogger knows how to craft content for the web. They know how to gather an audience for the content. Best of all, when you hire a specific blogger who works to understand your brand, you build a relationship that carries your message to potential customers.

Dan Holmes started blogging in 1993, before many bloggers active today were even born. Before social media and Pokemon Go. Dan has written thousands of blog posts for dozens of websites. He’s won awards for his writing, written books, and edited thousands of blog posts from other writers.

When you hire Dan and Boone Digital you get a blogger committed to growing your blog audience and publishing good content.

Prices for blogging starts for as little as $250 per month. After meeting with you and discussing your needs, we design a strategy and start producing content for you.

Why struggle to blog when you’re busy running your business? Hire a successful, experienced blogger and sit back and watch your blog hum like it never has before.

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*We believe that the best SEO is good content. Without good content, why do you want traffic to come to your website? As the search engines become more sophisticated and need less signals sent to them via traditional SEO tactics (tags, key phrases, and hyperlinks), all that will be left is good content. You have to publish good content in order to be respected by the search engines. It’s not about SEO tricks and hacks.