Are you mystified by domain registration, web hosting, and website maintenance? You’re not alone. Many organizations are. It seems as if the Internet was designed to be overly complicated, like a Rube Goldberg Machine.

Boone Digital offers website hosting for a select group of clients at very reasonable prices, starting at $20 a month. We also offer website maintenance or what we like to call Webmastering Services.

Under our webmastering services plan we manage your website for you on a monthly basis, posting content, changing your images, updating specials, and making any basic design changes needed. We do that for a flat price. we’ve had some of our clients for more than ten years. That’s longer than Seinfield was on the air.

We use a Tier IV hosting environment for security and our server is hosted in the United States with one of the largest hosting providers in the world, Mediatemple. We’ve been partners with Mediatemple since 1999, that’s longer than most hosting companies have been in business. Because we are a legacy client and valued partner with Mediatemple, we can offer very affordable hosting for a select group of clients. Our plans are compatible with all of the most popular CMS’s, such as WordPress. We also offer MySQL database hosting as part of our plans. All hosting options are installed with PHP, Python, Perl, Git, SVN, and Apache.

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