Remember when the title “Webmaster” seemed like a cool job? We don’t know how cool it is, but it’s important and it can be costly for a business. Small to mid-size businesses usually do not have a webmaster. Even if they have an IT staff, those folks often lack the skills to manage a website and the continuing needs associated with it.

With our webmastering services are for clients who need changes made to their website on a regular basis. This includes adding pages, changing copy, changing images, altering colors, adding forms, managing addition and subtraction of staff and accounts, adding patches to the content management system, and so on.

We offer webmastering wrapped in our digital marketing plans, but we’ve had such demand from other clients that we’ve added it as a standalone service too for a flat monthly fee. The rate is far less than what you’d spend on an additional part-time or full-time employee.

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