We’ve heard many of our clients complain that file storage, file sharing, and data backup were confusing and expensive. We listened and kept our eyes out for a solution. Unfortunately, every solution on the market is either very expensive or difficult to implement. We felt there had to be a better way to share, organize, and secure files for our clients.

That’s why we partnered with the engineers at Alvia Solutions and created our own solution. It’s called FileDig and we’re very proud of it.

FileDig is a cloud-based application that allows businesses to store, organize, share, and backup their files and data easily.

Because it’s in The Cloud, FileDig can be accessed anywhere and it runs on any computer, tablet, or even a cell phone.

We provide FileDig to our clients in affordable user seat-license packages. Our goal is to offer an affordable tool for our clients that’s easy to use and gives them peace of mind.