Hi, I’m Dan Holmes, the fella behind Boone Digital.

I built my first website in 1993. I started blogging in 1995. I began doing email marketing in 1996. I joined Twitter in 2006. I was a content marketer before that term even existed. I’ve seen technologies come and go and I’m still here.

I provide digital marketing services built on a core principle of doing the right thing for my customers in the long run, not hopping on the latest fad.

Another principle of my business is ethical standards. I don’t make outrageous promises, charge you for services you don’t need, take your money, and disappear. When it comes to giving my clients a project cost, I don’t guess on billing. I don’t tack on unneeded fees. As a result, my rates are affordable and fair.

How can I keep my costs so fair? Simplicity. I don’t have an office with dozens of employees. I don’t have a game room and expensive salaries for employees I’m sending to conferences and training seminars on your dime. Those are costs that get passed on to you. I don’t want to charge you for that stuff and I’m pretty sure you don’t want to pay for it.

I assist a limited number of clients with this goal in mind: to help them make their business successful through digital marketing.

When I beign working with a client I define what success will be, so we can see if goals are being met and measure return on investment. If my work isn’t helping your business, why would you want to keep paying me?

What my clients say about my work

What do my clients say about me? After admitting that I’m incredibly funny, they usually comment on my frank approach. I tell my clients like it is. I’m not a yes man. I’ll tell you what you need to hear and I’ll tell you what I think will help your business. My clients also appreciate my competitive rates, which I can offer because I run a very lean business.

How I work for my clients

I have incredible respect for entrepreneurs: they are the backbone of our economy. It takes a lot of guts to go into business. I know. As a result, I’ve designed a client/vendor system that is built on respect. Here’s how it works:

  • I ask questions so I can know as much as possible about your business. I mean, a lot of questions.
  • I clearly define what I’m going to do for you and your business.
  • I log that work so you can see what I’m doing. The system I use allows you to make comments and to participate in a dialogue as I do work for you.
  • I measure the results and let you know how we’re doing.

A few of my clients do not have a contract with me, yet they’ve been with me for years, several of them for many years. It’s important to me to earn your trust. When I do that by showing you how hard I’ll work for you, I usually have an excellent relationship with my clients.

Who is Dan Holmes?

I’m passionate about doing things well. I don’t like to do things half-way. That doesn’t mean I’m paralyzed by perfectionism, but it means that I believe there’s a right way to approach digital marketing. I’ve learned that if you take shortcuts, you almost always fail. As Hall of Fame basketball coach John Wooden said, “If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”

I want to do great things, create good content, and achieve success through digital marketing for my clients. If you want digital marketing based on “tricks” and “hacks,” please go somewhere else.

I’m a father, runner, writer, and marketer. I’m a disciplined person. I apply that discipline to my work, which has made me very efficient. Some of my clients have expressed surprise at how much quality work I can get done in a short time.

Last paragraph: (because this is enough about Dan already) I’ve learned that I’m a rarity in digital marketing, in that I have experience in several areas:

On the creative side, I have written two books and thousands of blog posts. I’ve designed websites, graphics, and developed and created podcasts. I’ve produced videos and I’ve made a living as a journalist.

On the technical side, I can code in HTML, PHP, CSS and other languages. I’m proficient at deciphering Google Analytics and Google Adwords, and I can set up a website.

The End.

– – – – – – – – –

If you’re looking for digital marketing, or if you simply want to chat over a cup of coffee, Contact Me to find out how I can help you.

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