Most people don’t pay attention to LinkedIn until they need a job. Either they’re unemployed or they hate their current job and can’t wait to get a new one.

That’s not the most effective way to use LinkedIn.

As of June of 2017, LinkedIn has more than 450 million users worldwide, making it one of the largest audiences in the world. And that’s what it is — an audience.

If you’re not sharing your message with that audience, you should be. And you do that through blogging on LinkedIn.

Many people have written articles about how to publish on LinkedIn, and you can read LinkedIn’s guidelines to see how to do it. But most people are doing it improperly.

Blog on LinkedIn when you don’t need a job

You find yourself laid off and you have extra time on your hands, so you decide to write a blog post for LinkedIn about your most recent professional accomplishment. That’s not going to get you noticed. It’s going to seem desperate.

Instead write a blog post with valuable content in it when you have a job. When you don’t need the profile views. This can be accomplished by setting aside time each month to brainstorm content ideas and to write and edit. Get a few blog posts in the can and publish one each month. Show people that you are sharing great stuff not because you’re desperate for a job, but because you’re smart and creative. (Read desirable…)

Provide an answer to a question job-seekers are asking

Of course many folks on LinkedIn are looking for their next great job. But many of them have little clue how to look for work, write a cover letter, interview, etc. Step in and provide help, answer a question hot on the minds of job seekers.

What skill do you have that could help someone land a job? Can you create a website? Are you great at writing a cover letter? Do you know how to tie a windsor knot? Answer a question, give advice. Be indispensable.

Create content that business owners can’t live without

More than half of the accounts on LinkedIn are people who own businesses or run businesses. These people are using LinkedIn to find candidates for job openings. They’re seeking talented people.

Show them how talented you are.

What do business owners need help with? Well, small business owners don’t have enough time in the day to do most things. Write a blog post about efficiency. Write a blog post about a trend in an industry you want to work in. Make it very attractive to small business owners. Make sure to invite their feedback. Engage in conversations with people.

Don’t brag

Don’t be a narcissist. Don’t post accomplishments and brag about your experience. That’s stuff you should have on your LinkedIn profile. In your blog posts you should offer useful information and be helpful.

If you’d like help on how to use LinkedIn for your business or organization, let me know.

The End