In 2012 it seemed that every business sat up straight and recognized that social media was a very important channel for acquiring and maintaining a customer base. At least it seemed that way. But according to new research, businesses and brands are still failing to invest the time and resources into social media. Also, for those who are on social media, many are not engaging their fans and followers.

Just having a Facebook page, LinkedIn account, or Twitter account is not enough. Businesses (of all sizes) must devote some time to truly engaging their followers (that means interaction and smart sharing) in order to see an impact on their bottom line.

Businesses and brands should take a look at this infographic and heed the messages it sends. Make 2013 the year where you engage your fans and followers.

Dan Holmes

Dan Holmes is a digital marketer and author. He built his first website in 1993 and has written three books. Dan is the founder of Boone Digital and Good Content, an organization dedicated to ethical digital marketing practices and education.