Everybody’s “tweeting” about Twitter. The online service is reaching millions of new people every month, and the brand is getting monster media attention.

As a business owner, you need to know how to use Twitter to promote your products/services. Here’s a quick tip sheet:

  • Use your business name in the address of your Twitter page. For example, if you’re Acme Pest Control, set your Twitter page under the address twitter.com/acmepestcontrol
  • Identify a person who will Tweet for your business on a regular basis. This may be you the business owner, or it could be a trusted employee or your webmaster, media/PR manager, etc. Whoever it is, make sure they can find the time to Twitter and that they know the tips that follow.
  • Link to your Twitter page from your regular web site and any other place you market yourself.
  • Post or “tweet” sparingly. This is critical. As people start to “follow” you via Twitter, they will become irritated if you are tweeting them every time you think of some nugget you are sure everyone will benefit from. Tweet a few times a week at first, and make sure it’s about a special offer, or big news. As you start to get feedback from your followers, increase or decrease your frequency as needed. It’s a good rule of thumb to never tweet more than 2-3 times each day.

Think of Twitter as a method of quickly communicating to a group of your friends and customers, like a digital roladex of your business confidants. Don’t tell them secrets or gossip! If you’re a pie store, tell them when you have extra key lime pies that need to be sold that day. Or if you’re a non-profit organization, send a tweet to find volunteers for a last-minute event.

Most importantly, treat your group of Twitter followers as GOLD. These people have went out of their way to tell you they like your company, your brand, your service/product, and you. Reward them by delivering pertinent information in a sensitive manner.