Research indicates that people will feel comfortable purchasing products or services only after having visited your company web site seven times previously. Obviously, it’s vital to attract repeat visitors.

Getting people to visit your website is easier than influencing them to return.

It’s only a matter of time before first-time visitors dry up. So how do you get folks to come back the second, third, fourth time, etc?

Without repeat visitors, your website will fail.

Here are five tips that will aid you in attracting repeat visitors:

Tip #1: Reward Existing Customers

Reward your visitors by offering valuable information regularly such as industry related articles, tips, insider information, product reviews, etc. OR offer a special discount to existing customers for a future order. You can also offer a special discount if an existing customer creates a profile account on your website. Many customers will purchase as a “guest”, offering as little personal information as possible. But if you can get them to create an account you’ll have more information from them and be able to offer specialized content to them. That’s valuable enough to consider giving them a one-time discount (say 10 percent) off a second order.

Tip #2: Give the people what they want

Create a resource page containing links that appeal to your target market; once your visitors know that this resource is available they can return to the site to access the links easily. Be sure to ask them to bookmark the page, and update the resources as much as you can to add value.

Tip #3: Create a community

Encourage visitor participation through the use of blogs, polls, videos and other interactive content. Make sure that if you implement forums or message boards, that you monitor them carefully. Also, if you don’t get much traffic in the forums, it’s better to shut them down and focus on one of the other methods here. Nothing screams “dead web site” more than forums without any user action.

You can utilize social media to build a community: build a Facebook page or group, create an active Pinterest or LinkedIn account, or participate actively in Twitter and Instagram. Be sure to offer genuine participation.

PRO TIP: Don’t automate your activity in social media.

Tip #4: Give something away

Offer a free digital product like an eBook or catalog and require that the user subscribe to your e-mail newsletter list to receive it. The free offer needs to be enticing enough to motivate your audience to give their email address (grab their zip code too so you can get demographic data). Send your email newsletter frequently and pack it with valuable tips and info (see tip #1).

Tip #5: Publish great content

Publish a Content Series, that is, a serialized set of content, such as a four-part look at your industry trends. The first part has to be real good, drawing in your audience so they’ll come back for the rest of the series.

At Boone Digital we don’t just build a Web Site and leave you to manage it. We want to help you attract visitors, repeat visitors, loyal constituents, and customers.